Scrabble ascend Kinabalu

On the first morning (at HQ) make sure you eat a breakfast full of good slow burning carbohydrates, if you are a slower perambulator, start nice and early between7.30 and8.30 am, you do not want to be still walking up in the dark. You should set off in light touring films or pants, good rubber grip shoes that are good on flat gemstone shells as well as slippery clay with ankle support, a t-shirt and a chapeau.


What is in the Porter Bag? Originally start off filling a strong scrap bag rather of another pack. Janitors generally have their own bag or handbasket, it’s easier for them to fit a scrap bag into it rather than a big pack, and your effects are more water evidence this way. I recommend putting the following inside

  1. A nice comfy brace of tracksuit pants, a muumuu and clean t-shirt, clean socks thick and thin (undies)

.2. Veritably introductory toiletries, toothbrush and paste! ( cleaner and kerchief can be attained at accommodation Laban Rata)

.3. A brace of flip duds (thongs) or sandals

  1. A good windbreaker and water evidence jacket light but warm
  2. Thermal top
  3. Beanie, and two dyads of gloves one thin one thick (or you can use another brace of socks)

.7. Still, the robes on the beds are washed every other day!

, If you are fussy a sleep distance.

You’ll thank me when you’re sitting in the accommodation with warm clean and dry clothes on, and others are shivering in their sweaty trousers and t-shirts.


Alternate day, if you took a while to climb the first day also you are going to need to start beforehand if you want to see the daylight. Presumably around1.30-2 am would be a wise choice, those of you that are super presto, around3.30-4 am the sun rises generally around5.45 am, but hey it’s been a while so ask your companionre-time of daylight. My stylish handheld umbrella with lights  advice to you is, do not eat a BIG breakfast, your body isn’t used to eating at 2 am, it’s presumably not used to altitude or emphatic exercise at this time either, it’s relatively on the cards you’ll lose your breakfast whilst walking, have a warm drink of Milo or Hot Chocolate (you can get sachets from HQ shops) take a many energy bars with you for the peak stay, or when you’re feeling a bit empty along the way. Dress as light as you can in the deep freeze, perhaps your touring pants and thermal with t-shirt over the top, thin gloves, thin socks and head arsonist, you’ll warm up snappily, put your warm gear in your pack, it’s better to put warm and dry layers on once you reach the peak than sit in sweaty wet clothes and snap, do not let the warm rainfall of Borneo wisecrack you, it’s really cold on the top of Mt Kinabalu. Do not take your walking stick up to the peak unless it’s retractable and can be attached to your pack, you need your hands to climb some corridor of the steep jewels, and hold the ropes ( hence thin gloves). Do not wear your thick gloves, your hands will get wet on the ropes save them for the top!


Really important If it’s raining heavily, don’t climb to the peak, rain can form inundations of water on the flat jewels, washing everything off the path includingyou.However, do not keep walking, stop, If it becomes veritably foggy that you can not see.


Once you reach the peak, pop on your layers, beanie, thick gloves or socks over your hands, and thick socks on your tootsies, muumuu, jacket, and perhaps your tracksuit pants. Trust me you’ll still be cold, but so much better off than those with light gear or sweaty clothes. Enjoy the daylight, wonder back down to the accommodation Laban Rata for a buffet breakfast, pack your stuff back up as it was on the first day, give your scrap bag to the gatekeeper and take your time heading back down.