Nitrogen Vs HPA

Nitrogen and HPA are two gasses that happen to be used to fill paintball tanks. The paintball Local community is bewildered in regards to the distinction between Nitrogen and HPA, and for good rationale. They the two have the very same functionality!

The Difference

HPA is actually “compressed air,” which is another time period thrown all around by paintball players. Compressed air is what it seems like, it is nice ol’ natural respiration air, but condensed right into a extra pressurized point out. The air we breath consists of approximately 78.two% nitrogen, obviously the level of nitrogen may differ depending on certain environments. But to be a basic rule, air with seventy eight.2% nitrogen is what exactly is useful for HPA paintball tanks.

If a paintball participant states that he’s employing nitrogen in his paintball tank, he is most likely using HPA, which incorporates nitrogen. But, some players use pure nitrogen inside their paintball tank. In truth, nitrogen was the staple gas useful for all Experienced paintballers,Lachgas groothandel lengthy before compressed air at any time arrived on to the scene. In 1994, Phil Davies uncovered that if air is condensed, it can be used in paintball guns, as effectively as pure nitrogen gasoline. This was A significant phase for paintball tanks simply because pure nitrogen is expensive, and considerably additional unusual to find.

Why Numerous Paintball Players Say They Use Nitrogen?

There are 2 most important good reasons with the survival of “nitrogen” as being a paintball time period.

1- Aged gamers never stopped referring for their paintball air as nitrogen, even if its not. Consequently, maintaining the word in the paintball Group vocabulary. And because there is little effectiveness distinction between HPA and nitrogen, a lot of outdated gamers see no distinction to vary their conditions.

2- Some people take into consideration “nitrogen” a cooler word than “HPA.” This is particularly the situation when “nitrogen” is shortened to “nitro.” A lot of present-day paintball players are very disappointed by this, In spite of everything, Large Tension air is just not as well shabby of a reputation. The purpose is “nitrogen” is listed here to stay.

Functionality Variance

There exists a slight functionality distinction, but not sufficient to become that noticeable. HPA is compelled to squander more than twenty% of its content. This isn’t as major of the offer since it Seems. Pure nitrogen will let you have additional paintball pictures per refill, and can be really a little bit, more steady.

That remaining stated, some paintball fields continue to provide nitrogen, as an alternative to HPA, due to the fact some players adamantly feel that nitrogen is substantially much better. For those who have the opportunity to check out pure nitrogen in the paintball tank, give it a go! I could Actually not see a difference in anyway, but a lot of people swear by it.

Is There a Difference Between a Nitrogen or HPA Paintball Tank?

You can find not! Some gamers have explained to me that a person is a lot better than the opposite. But guys! These are typically not two individual entities. There is no such matter as being a nitrogen and HPA paintball tank. When I say They are really the exact same point, I signify that they are, 1 and a similar matter. A paintball tank that is certainly suitable with nitrogen consumption can be filled with nitrogen fuel, or compressed air. It is possible to simply call the tank whatsoever you’d like, but it really is simply a tank that is certainly compatible with nitrogen.

You will discover only two sorts of paintball tanks, one is for Co2, the opposite is for nitrogen or HPA.


Nitrogen and HPA are used in precisely the same way, for the exact same paintball tanks. Some gamers assert that nitrogen is actually a remarkable gasoline, but most gamers never notice a distinction between The 2. HPA is more affordable than nitrogen, and for that cause by itself, HPA has taken in excess of as the gasoline mostly made use of on the paintball fields.