How to repair a refrigerator in 2022?

Even if the refrigerator is cold but not cold or begins to leak differently, nothing scares the person more than the refrigerator is not working properly. Buying a new refrigerator can be expensive, but some repairs can cost more than the equipment, and it can be difficult for homeowners or do-it-yourselfers to determine the seriousness of the problem. For most reliable service visit Subzero Refrigerator Repair in Newport Beach

Terry Spencer is the service specialist at RepairClinic, which sells electronics online and offers thousands of how-to videos. It describes the most common problems, how to inspect a refrigerator and whether it is worth putting it away. This video explains the basics and identifies the location of the refrigerator.

Problem: The motor continues, but the refrigerator does not cool.
Things to check: If the freezer’s evaporator fan is running, make sure the compressor is running. You may hear a grinding noise or a running motor. “You should check the condenser coils and clean them if they’re too dirty, and the condenser fan should be running,” Spencer said. Check the condenser coil for dust, pet hair, or debris that could interfere with its operation. The home office sells brushes that clean the steering wheel for $6.

There’s a simple way to make sure your air conditioner is working. First, remove the refrigerator. Next, enter the evaporator coil and check the frost pattern. Spencer explains that “there should be light all over the steering wheel,” says Spencer. “If only the top half or third of the coil has frost, then there is a problem with the closing system. This means that there is a limit to the system or not enough freon. Could be because dirt.”
Things to look for: This is usually caused by one of three things: The first can be a bad door that is tearing or stretching. Second, warped doors that aren’t straight and don’t close properly leave a gap between the top or bottom of the door and the refrigerator. Third, the cam door may be worn out. (Most doors have shutters to prevent them from closing, and cracked doors will prevent them from closing.)Treatment: “Sometimes the joint can be heated with a hair dryer and designed to help prevent leaks,” Spencer said. “Otherwise, the seal must be replaced.”

If the door bends but has screws for the gasket, you can hold the door in place by loosening the screws, turning the door slightly, and re-tightening it. “Be careful not to bend the door too much or the inner door may crack,” Spencer warned.
Things to check: If your refrigerator has a refrigerator and you see water under the freezer or ice on the floor next to the freezer, that indicates the evaporator defrost is leaking, according to Spencer. “Sometimes food can clog the drain, but the drain usually freezes. Water in the evaporator coil continues to accumulate during the defrost cycle until drained. ”

“Once the line is clean, make sure the generator is working and replace it if damaged,” Spencer said. “If you have a wired defrost generator, you can attach wires to the heat exchanger to send the heat directly to the drain. This will prevent the drain water from freezing.” Make sure your freezer isn’t too cold, Spencer advises. Temperatures of 0 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit are recommended.