Cosmetic Fillers-How to Use Them Right and Get Great Results

What are paddings?


Still, you may suppose of Bollywood stars or socialites you have seen in magazines who look too full or’ too done’, and be put off, If you don’t know important about paddings. Yet paddings when used with a soft and gentle approach, can be used to minimize the goods of aging and enhance your natural beauty, achieving a naturally fresh look, without long ages of swelling and bruising.


What are they used for?


Paddings can reduce lines and wrinkles on the face, utmost generally in the nasolabial (Nose Filler Singapore to mouth) crowds, and mannequin ( mouth to chin) lines, forepart and moue lines.

They can be strategically and subtly placed in areas like hollows under the eyes (to smoothen bags and reduce dark circles).

They can be used to enhance your lips, cheeks and chin.

They can be used for replacing fat loss and increase the volume of your face. This is especially useful as you get aged and lose fat in the face.

Paddings are also decreasingly used for hydrobalance-this means hydrating the skin so it looks immature and supple. This effect tightens the skin peripherally. Due to the hydration effect, the face looks lifted. This can be used in the medial face, neck, decolletage and hands.

Types of paddings


We recommend paddings from the popular hyaluronic acid- grounded and collagen- grounded injections, to longer- lasting injectables that stimulate collagen deeper in the skin. Although all paddings work toward the same thing of smoothing lines and adding back misplaced volume, some offer immediate results that are temporary while others have delayed yet long- term results.

As our skin periods, the dermis gradationally loses its major ingredients causing sagging and loss of volume.


Collagen is an abundant natural protein plant in the body that provides structural support to skin, muscle, tendons and bone. In the skin, filaments of collagen are woven together to give texture, resiliency and shape. Collagen is one of the substances lost during the normal aging process.



Collagen injections can help to maintain the skin’s natural collagen and keep the skin subtle and elastic. Collagen is fitted into the skin.

Perlane ®


Perlane ® is made fromnon-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid gel. As hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our skin and towel a skin test isn’t demanded. As Perlane ® is biodegradable the goods aren’t endless, but can last from 6 months to over to to a time, which is longer than utmost collagen injections.

Restylane ®


Restylane ® is a clear gel that contains hyaluronic acid. As hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in humans, there’s little chance for an antipathetic response. It’s biodegradable, so your body reabsorbs it within about six months of the injection.

What’s the exact procedure?


After evaluation of your skin, the croaker will mark strategic points on your face for the injections. The injection spots will be gutted and deadening cream is applied to make the injections more comfortable. Thesemi-liquid material is also fitted using a small fine needle under the skin to fill the target area which will only take a many twinkles. After that the markings will be sanctified and makeup can be ( precisely) reapplied.

Pitfalls and side goods


The pitfalls associated with these named groups of temporary biodegradable paddings are extremely minimum but some cases may witness bruising, skin greenishness or skin perceptivity. The under eye area has the least discomfort with minimum time-out from this treatment, and with an immediate metamorphosis to looking fresh! It’s nearly like needle air-brushing. The results are subtle, yet visible.

How frequently does it need to be done?


Results are immediate after one treatment. Treatments every 6 to 12 months are recommended to maintain the results.

Dr. Isabelle Yeoh from IYAC Aesthetic &Anti-Aging Clinic at Camden Medical Centre in Singapore specialises in aesthetic &anti-aging treatments like ornamental paddings, botox, ray hair remoal, IPL and ray skin treatments, hormone balancing and hormone relief remedy, and weight control.