5 Tips from the best Amazon SEO companies

Using Amazon as an e-commerce platform is an excellent idea. It’s one of the largest online marketplaces available today. Selling through this platform guarantees an increase in sales. The only issue is that there are thousands of companies that also sell products on Amazon. Standing out can be a daunting task. 

The best Amazon SEO companies managed to rise to the top and do well because they have excellent tactics. Here are 5 of them. 

  1. Improve product descriptions

When potential customers buy items online, they won’t have a chance to see what they’re bringing home. It’s not the same experience as buying from a retail store. The only way for customers to know the best choices is by looking at product descriptions. Therefore, it helps to have detailed descriptions using clear and concise language. While Amazon allows marketers to write details composed of several words, it’s crucial to use the available space appropriately. Arranging the information is also necessary since not everyone has enough time to read all of it. 

Try to be as detailed as possible to create a visual image of the products. Potential customers shouldn’t have to imagine the color, size, and qualities of the product. It’s already available for them, and the only thing to do is to decide. 

  1. Take better photos

Apart from the descriptions, the pictures will also help buyers decide. Sometimes, they will only look at the images and skip the product if they didn’t like it. Therefore, it helps to have quality photos. They increase the chances of more people buying the products.

Start by avoiding stock photos. They might not even look like the exact product sold. Most people will feel frustrated if they receive items that aren’t the same as what they expect to have. Take a picture of the real product, and make sure that it includes every angle. If the product comes with specific buttons and features, they need to be visible on the images.

Another thing to consider is image quality and size. Most people will zoom out the picture since they want to see the smallest details. If the picture starts to blur when zoom, it can be frustrating. It doesn’t help sell the product at all.

  1. Have a catchy title

The heading is what potential buyers will see first. If they find the title to be catchy enough, they might decide to click the link and see the rest. However, if the title doesn’t attract attention, they will proceed to the next choice. Amazon only gives marketers up to 500 characters for the title. It might seem short, but it’s long enough to include relevant information. Usually, people expect to see the brand name, manufacturer, color, size, type, and year. 

The problem is that it’s easy to feel confused about what to include given the available space. The answer depends on the products. Some people are quite particular about the details, and every piece of information available should be a part of the heading. However, for some popular products, there’s no need to include everything. A few characters would be enough to provide people with information about the products. Besides, they will click on the descriptions to know more anyway.

  1. Optimize the right keyword

Several stores may sell the same product. Therefore, it helps to optimize the right keyword. Some marketers would suggest only competing for long-tail keywords since the competition isn’t too tough. The truth is that keywords of any length should be targeted. Shorter keywords will only include a generic product name like shoes or helmet. However, longer keywords will have the brand name or specific model type. Targeting both keywords is necessary to have the best of both worlds. Amazon uses unique algorithms in ranking the products searched by potential customers. Appearing on the top page will help increase potential profits. 

Remember that when people already saw the item sold by another store, they might immediately go for it. They won’t be patient enough to keep scrolling until they find another store, especially if the prices are generally the same. It’s another reason to work with Amazon SEO companies. Experts in keyword optimization understand how to be more competitive. Given the challenging environment in this e-commerce platform, it helps to have experts who understand the process. They will make the job easier.

  1. Encourage customer reviews

In Amazon, reviews are everything. People read reviews first before they decide to buy the products. It’s even worse if the company doesn’t have any reviews at all. It shows the lack of interest from potential customers. Encouraging positive reviews might be challenging, but it’s not. According to studies, many people are willing to leave reviews. They don’t know how it works. They also believe that it will take a lot of time. If provided with correct information, it’s easier to leave a review. Reminding them after buying the products will also motivate them to say positive words. 

Of course, having a quality product is the best way to receive excellent reviews. Customers wouldn’t hesitate to express their support for the products if they liked what they got. After seeing the positive reviews, it’s vital to have a response. A simple thank you will suffice in some instances. It shows that the business cares about how the customers feel after using the product. It also tells other potential customers that they can rely on the company to deliver. For negative reviews, there should also be an immediate response. Acknowledge the problem and tell the customer that the business will do better in addressing those concerns. Some of them might be real, but others aren’t. It’s also crucial to answer incorrect reviews to prevent falls information from spreading.

Working with Amazon SEO companies 

Remember that ranking high in Amazon can be challenging, but maintaining the top spot is even more difficult. Therefore, it makes sense to work with the best Amazon SEO companies. These experts will guarantee results. They will also ensure that the business will remain competitive on the platform.