5 Simple Reasons Why You’re Losing at Online Slots


The main reason why slots take the most money from players is that slots are more popular than other casino games. If you lose money with this game, don’t feel bad. You are among the millions of lost gamblers wrestling with slots.

Here are 5 reasons why you lose at slots as well as 5 ways to fix it.

Choosing Low RTP Slots

RTP is an in-game system to determine how much a slot machine is programmed to pay back in the long run. Higher RTP means you have a better chance of winning, and vice versa.

However, many gamblers don’t know about this, or just do not care about it. Even if they know what this term stands for, they may still ignore returns and choose games based on the theme, graphics, and features.

Be smart and look beyond the aesthetics and sparkling lights that draw you to low RTP slot machines. The recommended one is above 97%.

Not Understanding the Game Well

The first mistake that is often made by bet mania and makes them lose in this slot gambling is playing gambling but not understanding the actual procedure for playing. This is of course a mistake that you can no longer tolerate. In any gambling sphere, understanding is paramount.

The second mistake that is often made is to make a bet but not take it seriously. Of course, this will only bring a lot of mistakes when you play this slot gambling bet. Make sure you play each of these judi slot online seriously and not carelessly so that you don’t make mistakes and can win in every gambling betting session you do.

No Bankroll Management

Bankroll management refers to developing a money management strategy for your gambling sessions.

A good plan helps you take into account the fast spin speeds and high volatility of slot machines. Therefore you can budget appropriately and avoid betting more money than you originally planned.

You have to be very careful what goes in and what goes out. This is very important if you are going to make a slots career or slots hobby sustainable and long term.

You may think that bankroll management is a lengthy process and delay this issue. However, you can create a great bankroll plan in a matter of minutes.

Bet in large amounts at once

Doing bets at once in large quantities is also one of the wrong ways for you. It is better if you make a bet in a minimal but increase the number of game sessions you can take in it. This will increase the chances of victory that you have in every gambling betting session that you do.

Not Choosing a Trusted Slot Gambling Site

Another fatal mistake that can cause you to lose is choosing a fake site. Even though you have used various accurate strategies to win slot bets, but if you choose a fake site it will be useless. That is why there are many articles about strategies for playing slot gambling that emphasizes choosing a trusted site.

Usually, these mistakes are often made by players who are new because they don’t really understand which agents are trusted and which are not. It should be noted that fake gambling sites have been programmed to determine a player’s defeat or victory.


Losing to a slot machine is rarely associated with just one reason. Instead, you can see where multiple problems can weigh on them.

The fast rate of play can lead to more significant losses. So make sure to always remember to control yourself and stay calm during the game.